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Reparatie cutie V30 VL300 01J

Erori calculator cutie V30 VL300 01J

No communication possible with the ecu
Several CAN databus participants report a missing message from the transmission control unit. The faults can be present sporadically or permanently.
P0706 (VAG 17090) multi-function switch F125
P1814 (VAG 18222) Pressure Control Valve 1 N215 open or short circuit to ground
P1815 (VAG 18223) Pressure Control Valve 1 N215 shorted to positive
P1818 (VAG 18226) Pressure solenoid valve 2 N216 electrical malfunction
P1819 (VAG 18227) Valve Solenoid 2 N216 open or short to ground
P1820 (VAG 18228) Pressure Control Solenoid 2 N216 short to positive
P1823 (VAG 18231) Pressure Control Solenoid 3 N217, electrical malfunction
P1746 (VAG 18154) supply voltage for solenoid valves
P0746 (VAG 17130) pressure control solenoid 1 (N215) short to earth /interruption
P0776 (VAG 17160) Pressure control solenoid 2 (N216) short to earth /interruption
P1824 (VAG 18232) Solenoid 3 N217 open / short circuit to ground
P1825 (VAG 18233) Pressure Control Solenoid 3 N217 short to positive
P0771 (VAG 17155) shift solenoid 5 (N92) - open or short to earth
P1828 (VAG 18236) Pressure Control Solenoid 4 N218, electrical malfunction
P1824 (VAG 18232) Pressure Control Valve 3 (N217): Open/Short to Earth
P1829 (VAG 18237) Pressure Control Valve 4 (N218): Open/Short to Earth
P1829 (VAG 18237) Valve 4 error N218 open or short circuit to ground
P1830 (VAG 18238) Pressure Control Valve 4 N218 short to positive
P1833 (VAG 18241) Pressure Control Solenoid 5 N233 electrical malfunction
P1834 (VAG 18242) Electric valve 5 N233 open circuit / short to ground
P1835 (VAG 18243) Pressure solenoid 5 N233 short to positive
P1838 (VAG 18246) Solenoid 6 N371 electrical malfunction of the Multitronic controller
P1840 (VAG 18248) Pressure solenoid 6 N371 short to positive
Other fault on request
01J927156HH / 01J 927 156 HH 01J927156HT / 01J 927 156 HT 01J927156HN / 01J 927 156 HN 01J927156JF / 01J 927 156 JF 01J927156JG / 01J 927 156 JG 01J927156JH / 01J 927 156 JH 01J927156JJ / 01J 927 156 JJ Audi: A4, A6


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